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Winter continues to bite. It’s not pleasant to wake up to a cold bathroom and a cold house. You are determined to create a warm and cozy winter sanctuary. There are a lot of options for heating your home, and you may be confused.

It’s not worth having a heating system that is expensive to install, unsuitable for your home, or an environmental disaster. The choice is much sharper than you ever thought, ducted heating comes out on top every single time! Here are the top reasons why ducted heating is the best option for heating your home.

The versatility of duct heating means that it can be tailored to your home

Because of its versatility, duct heating is the best choice for your home. You can install it in nearly any home. There are many options for ducted heating that will suit your home and your floor plan. There are two options:

  • Gas ducted heating
  • Reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners

 Gas ducted heating

Gas ducted heating (GDH) is a typical heating system used with natural gas or LPG. GDH systems are made up of an external furnace, which heats the air and then pumps it to other parts of the house through a network of ducts or outlets. The atmosphere is then sucked into a return, either in a ceiling or wall, before recirculating through this system again.

Gas ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning

A GDR cycle air conditioner is a conditioner that doubles up as a winter heater. The Reverse-cycle conditioner is powered by electricity. It consists of a compressor and coil, fan, and uses refrigerant as coolant. The air is then sent through the house via a network of ducts. It will also draw heat from the outside air and remove cool air from home, heating the entire house.

There are many options for duct heating units. They can be attached to an external wall, in the roof, or under the floor. This is an excellent choice if you have a small home or unit and require every inch of floor and wall space. Because the heating elements that heat the house are not visible, duct heating will not enter the area.

Affordable duct heating

Ducted heating can be far less expensive than you might think, especially if you consider the most critical factor of all: energy efficiency. Ducted heating costs are comparable to other heating options, but ducted heating offers lower operating costs and energy efficiency.

You’d be surprised at just how energy-efficient ducted heating can be when used correctly and following the manufacturer’s specifications. Ducted heating is a more economical option than other heating options in terms of running costs.

Ducted heating gives you complete control

You can control the temperature in your home with ducted heating. You can control duct heating systems remotely from anywhere you are via the internet. This means that you can have your ducted heating on when you get home from work, so it will come on right before you go. Ducted heating can also be a reliable and precise way to maintain the right temperature in your home.

If you have asthma or allergies, duct heating is a great choice.

Some people are hesitant to get ducted heating because they are concerned about asthma and allergies. Ducted heating can filter the air, which in turn removes some allergens.

You want your home to be comfortable for anyone with asthma or other respiratory conditions. This is especially important when it’s dawn, and the temperature outside can drop dramatically. Ducted heating makes it much easier to control the temperature in the house and stabilize it, even when it’s cold outside.

Ducted heating is one of the most reliable heating options on the market.

Safety is a significant concern for duct heating, especially if you have young children or pets. A ducted heating system eliminates the risk of burns from coming in contact with hot surfaces, unlike an open fire, radiant heater, or gas wall heater.

The absence of ignition points or naked flames within easy reach of curious hands and paws greatly reduces the likelihood of a fire starting in your home. Ducted heating is the clear winner if safety is your top priority.

Ducted heating can be an excellent solution for heating your home in winter. Have questions about choosing the right ducted heating system to suit your needs? Get in touch with our friendly team members. Get in touch with a professional.

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