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Split system

Split air conditioners are the most reliable systems that have had a name in cooling and heating in Canberra for decades. We focus on providing a high-end split system that offers temperature control and is a specialist in climatic regulating products. Irrespective ofthe area, split air conditioners are appropriate for both residential and commercial purposes. These are most popular in buildings with space issues with, smaller space and area available.

A flat or room where a ducted wall is impossible, split air conditioner becomesan iconic and smart choice. Split systems are an intelligent way to keep your room spacein mind and also save energy costs and bills. Split system is the best option for your home with a comforting installation of a compressor in a box which is kept outside and a fan inside the room. The most silent solution for your cooling requirement cuts down the noise indoors.

Split air conditioning is available in different arrangements as per your convenience.

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Wall Split Air Conditioners

This system of split conditioners is appropriate for bedrooms and single rooms where a compressor is installed outdoors and connected to the electrical cable and the pipe. It is the most common and comfortable kind of split system where the outer unit is installed on the flooring edge off the wall of the room where you keep the inner system. Design is mapped to benefit users with lesser indoor space.

Multi Split Air Conditioners/ Reverse cycle multi split systems

Reverse Cycle Multi-split systems are a complex way for providing cooling to multi rooms from a single outdoor unit. Often, refrigeration pipes are required to connect both the units or multiple units from the main unit to indoor devices.

VRV systems

Heating and cooling in Canberra are at an advanced stage where innovative technology has ruled the market. Numerous brands like Panasonic, LG, and Toshiba have developed VRV systems, also known as VRF systems, which are ideal for complicated work. They are available in double refrigeration and triple refrigeration pipe systems that are designed and developed for the perfection you need.

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What We Offer

Being a trusted industry professional, Heating and Cooling Canberra offers tailor-made heating and air conditioning services. We repair and service heating and air conditioning units along with new installations, and ductwork replacement for a wide range of heating and cooling units for residential and commercial clients. Heating and Cooling Canberra provide expert advice and our qualified and licensed technicians are experienced at coming up with cost effective solutions to keep your assets in top working condition. We provide accurate and reasonable quotes and offer discounts to clients with an ACT Seniors Card. We provide a consumer guarantee on all our work, which gives our customers peace of mind.

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Callum was great to deal with! He was prompt to respond and answered my questions no matter how dumb they may have been. The install took a little longer than planned but he was great during the whole process even when we stuffed him around a bit because it turns out our tap to turn the water off was heavily under dirt. I highly recommend Callum for any job he can do. Awesome price and great service.

Courteous, prompt on time, clean and neat job. A very good service. Recommended – 5 Star.

MTA are reliable, great on the customer service side, and good value for money. They provide a range of professional plumbing, gas and general maintenance and repair services to our clients. The staff are qualified, skilled tradies and are responsive to our requests for quotes and carrying out a wide range of work orders. We have good feedback from our clients. MTA are good to work with in an industry that requires flexibility working around clients’ timetables.

Our preferred plumbing & gas supplier is MTAPG. MTAPG went to a great deal of trouble to work with the manufacturer of a complex system that required repair, research, collaboration and as well as high degree of installation skill. We were very happy with the functionality of the repair and also impressed with the workmanship in the running of the pipework and overall finish of the job. We will continue to regard MTAPG as our ‘go to’ supplier of plumbing and gas services into the future.

MTAPG is our preferred maintenance service provider to manage our large rental property portfolio. MTAPG are able to strike the balance between keeping multiple tenants and owners happy which translates into the property owners, our clients, being happy with the way we manage their investment properties. MTAPG are reliable, honest, well-priced and professional, and have found them to be responsive to emergency callouts and able to flexibly and competently manage routine maintenance schedules.

I was nicely surprised by the level of customer service. Callum took the time the explain things very clearly, and completed the job on time and budget. Very professional, will use again.

Courteous, prompt on time, clean and neat job. A very good service. Recommended.

Absolutely fantastic tradesman, good, honest, hardworking. Unbeatable quality. MTA Plumbing & Gas are raising the bar for the rest of the industry. Highly Recommended.

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